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Haiku – At Home Beach Party

A couple of chairs

Sitting on the grassy lawn

Cold drinks and good tunes


Have you guys heard of this band?

Really digging their sound right now.

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Jimmy Buffett Friday: Bend A Little

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Jimmy Buffett Friday: Livingston’s Gone to Texas

Another one of my big favorites by him.

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Jimmy Buffett Friday: Woman Goin’ Crazy on Caroline Street

Hard to pick favorites with his music, but this one is towards the top.

Love this song.

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Cover Song Saturday: Mumford and Sons and Elvis Costello – The Ghost of Tom Joad

Thanks for the inspiration for this post.



I will always go with the original of this song – just smooth and thought-provoking with that acoustic sound and Bruce’s voice. His voice alone makes the original heads and tails above the cover. It just sounds so mournful, so full of despair, so full of hopelessness. With that said, the cover version is great to listen to. It does capture the spirit of the original, but it just doesn’t punch you in the gut like that version.

So, original or cover?

I also like this version of it a lot. Killer guitar work and Tom’s voice sounds great singing these lyrics.

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Cover Song Saturday: Johnny B. Goode – Peter Tosh vs. Judas Priest

I think we all know the original. It is a classic that can’t be touched. No artist could ever cover it and make it better than Chuck Berry.

The original is great. I’ve stated that already, so let’s move onto the covers. Both of which are unique in their own way.

First, Peter Tosh

Second, Judas Priest

I love Heavy Metal, proud to say that, but I have to give the nod this time to Peter Tosh. He didn’t just remake this song louder and heavier like Judas Priest, but he took the song and made it his own. The reggae beat and the new lyrics splashed throughout just gives this song a totally different feel and it works from start to finish.

So, which do you prefer?

Peter Tosh or Judas Priest

Do you need even more cover songs? Check them out here NIUME and here Cover Song Saturday.

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Cover Song Saturday: Tim McGraw – Tiny Dancer

The Original

The Cover

So, which do you prefer?

I’m going with Tim’s version on this one. It is modern, updated, and smoother than the original. I also feel like Elton’s version (along with Elton himself) is just played out. His music doesn’t seem to resonate as strongly these days as he when he was popular. You Elton fans out there may disagree with me, but it is just the way I feel.

Looking for more of my posts about cover songs. Try either one of these links.


Cover Song Saturday

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Featured Friday: “The New Order” by Testament


The New Order is the second studio album by American thrash metal band Testament, released on May 10, 1988. Source: The New Order – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I know my last music post wasn’t the most liked and it didn’t get me lots of blog traffic, but I don’t do this blog for that reason. I do it because I want to share things I love in this world, and one of them is slowly becoming Testament. I honestly do not know how this band flew under my radar for so long. I was a teen when they broke onto the scene, so why am I just getting into them in my Forties. Who knows? Life kind of works like that. I seem to be gravitating towards the heavier side of metal the older I get. As a teen it was more the glam pop metal stuff that drew me in (which I still enjoy to this day and my kids do as well – I hope), but I still did love Metallica, Megadeth, and Anthrax even back in those glam pop metal days. So, I did dabble with the heavier stuff as you can see, but for some reason I just didn’t delve too far into it.

Anyway, enough about that because this post is about “The New Order” and what an amazing album it is from start to finish. I’ve included two songs from that album that if you like fast heavy music you should check out. Well worth your time. That album cover is also very metal with that ominous face hanging like an omen over our precious blue world.

So, thoughts. I know someone out there has a comment or two in them. What do you think of Testament? What about Heavy Metal in general? Do you think this band should be mentioned in the same breath as Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax?

Do you want to be featured next Friday? If you are an artist that has something to share send an email to I’ll feature about anything except erotic material. Have to keep this blog a soft R if not PG-13.

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Music Review Haiku: Jimmy Buffett, Songs From St. Somewhere

Parrothead alert: Jimmy Buffett has a new studio CD, “Songs From St. Somewhere”, with 15 brand new recordings, plus a bonus track. The album was recorded this spring in various locals including Key West, Nashville, Austin, Miami, and St. Barts.

The first single “Too Drunk to Karaoke” is a duet with Toby Keith. Jimmy and Toby are currently shooting a video for the song, directed by Michael Salomon.

Other song titles are “Somethin’ ‘Bout a Boat”, “Einstein Was A Surfer”, “I Want to Go Back to Cartagena”, “Tides”, and “Useless But Important Information”

The bonus track is “I Want to Go Back to Cartagena”, a Spanish version duet with the Latin singer Fannie Lu.

via Songs From St. Somewhere: Music


Tropical song lines
Blended with Country and Rock
Pretty good CD

I’m always trying something new around here, so you, fellow blog reader, will not get bored.  My latest attempt to keep you entertained.  Reviewing music with Haiku.  First up, Jimmy’s newest.  I know, I know, most people probably don’t understand why he keeps doing it, but he does, and we Parrotheads love it – me included.  I really enjoy this CD, but I know it isn’t his best.  I would say three and a half stars out of five.  Some instant grabbers and some growers, but hey, it’s new Buffett and I will take it.

By the way, I have a new follower on this blog I want to pass along to you.  My buddy Jimmy is running this blog: and yours truly is featured on the podcasts over there.  He’s trying to get some love for his blog so if you want, check him out.  

If you want some more musical stuff from yours truly you can find it here:

Thanks for following, thanks for reading.

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Haiku – Black Sabbath

Influential band

Who inspired a new genre

Metal godfather’s

Black Sabbath are an English rock band, formed in Birmingham in 1968, by guitarist Tony Iommi, bassist Geezer Butler, singer Ozzy Osbourne, and drummer Bill Ward. The band has since experienced multiple line-up changes, with Tony Iommi the only constant presence in the band through the years. Originally formed in 1968 as a heavy blues rock band named Earth, the band began incorporating occult themes with horror-inspired lyrics and tuned-down guitars. Despite an association with occult and horror themes, Black Sabbath also composed songs dealing with social instability, political corruption, the dangers of drug abuse and apocalyptic prophecies of the horrors of war.

via Black Sabbath – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Dio or Ozzy, take your pick?

Me, I tend to lend myself more towards Dio, but that’s just me.

With Ozzy.

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Haiku – Judas Priest

The leather rebels

Storming the world – metal gods

Music tsunami

(Rob is around 55 at the time of this video – if I’m not mistaken.  Such power in those vocals.)

Inspired by the theme at

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