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Haiku – A Cheap Hotel Room

Their passion was hot

Filled up with sexual heat

They burned with desire


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Golden Pirate Wednesday

I thought I would get back to talking about my two novels this month. I hope you enjoyed my short stories last month. Today, I want to highlight a section that is a bit racier in the book. Yes, this book is full of ghosts, pirates, slime creatures, and various other dark things, but there is romance as well, if you can call this romance. It is more of a cheap moment in a car, but I digress. Here’s the passage.

They had a quick breakfast, very small talk, and then it was off to the outlet malls.

Myrtle Beach may be known for its beaches and its golf courses and its family themed attractions, but it is also known for its outlet malls. Women flock there GOLDENlike birds heading south in the winter. It’s the radar – the shopping radar that brings them in.

Parson found a spot to park amongst the hordes of cars. It looked like the parking lot to a concert or a sporting event. It was crazy with crowds and activities.

“Okay Angie, where should we go first?”

“How about we try the back seat? I saw the rocket in your pocket back at the hotel. I figure you need it about as bad as I do.”


“You heard me.” She scrambled back there and started to take off clothes. Cars and shoppers, families were walking by, and Angie was about half-way from decent to non decent.

Parson spied a place across the parking lot. Spaces as wide open as the Montana sky line. He turned on the engine as Angie grabbed the waist band to her underwear. She wasn’t stopping. He nearly hit a car as he backed up without looking. His mind was blank. A horn blared, and Angie laughed. In the rear view Parson could see she was now waving her white cotton panties – completely naked and starting without him.

Parson managed to get the car over to no man’s land without hitting anything. A small miracle since his penis had taken over. When he was sure the coast was clear, he hopped into the backseat; and for the next ten minutes – what’s that saying – if the car’s a rocking don’t come a knocking.

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Haiku – Romance Kindling

The flames of first love

A spark ignites the fire

Love keeps it burning


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A Zombie New Year Friday

Well, here is another post about my short story “A Zombie New Year.” Like I said on Wednesday, this is about as close to a true love story that I have ever written. 2 lovers, lost in a Zombie Apocalypse, desperate to get back to one another – I don’t know about you, but that sounds kind of Valentine like to me. 


He heard thumping noises inside the mud room and turned to face it. The zombies had arrived and were now finding their way in through the open window. It sounded like slabs of beef dropping onto the floor, as they fell into the room one by one. Seconds later, they started to paw at the door that led into the kitchen. Joe decided he better get on with the exploration of the house, because he wasn’t sure how much time he really had.

ZNYHe stepped out of the kitchen and into a hallway. This hallway ran left and right. It wasn’t as far down to the end of the hall on the left, so he went in that direction. He found a half bath and a door leading out to the garage. He remembered the garage doors had been shut when he was moving past them, so he opened up the door to take a look into the garage.

The room was massive, probably bigger than most people’s homes. He walked down the small set of brick steps and stopped when he reached the concrete floor. He scanned the place with his light, cutting the dark with a single yellow beam. Nothing much in this garage except for typical garage stuff, shelves full of tools, paint in pails, yard equipment, and on and on it went. The one thing that did spark an interest in him was the car, a small sporty convertible, Maserati, very expensive.

Joe ran his hands over its polished grey exterior and peered inside. He opened the car door and slipped into the driver’s seat. With its leathered up interior, it looked and smelled rich. He searched the car for a set of keys, but he had no luck. They weren’t there. He then looked into the mirror, towards the closed garage door directly behind this car. He thought about an escape plan – fling up the garage door, dive into the idling car, race out of the garage before the zombie horde surrounded him. How far would he get? He wasn’t sure, but it was a solid option . . .

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A Zombie New Year Wednesday

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I thought today and Friday that I would post something from one of the few romantic stories I have ever written. Of course, in true me fashion there has to be something horrible in it – zombies are the evil foe in this short story. Anyway, read a bit of it below and grab your free copy today. 


The city loomed up ahead.

ZNYBecky ran into it, down toward Cabarrus St., toward the place where the acorn dropped every New Year’s Eve. She looked back over her shoulder. The men were gaining on her, and they were so close now that she could hear their crunching feet as they rushed across the sleet covered ground. She had to find a place to hide, and quick.

On her left, an abandoned store with its windows and doors knocked out. She ran into it, into the darkness, into the depths of black. Zombies shuffled about too dumb to know they had a clear exit to the outside. Becky knocked her way through them, leaving busted heads in her wake, as she frantically tried to find a place to hide.

The men arrived minutes later, and stopped in front of the building Becky was trying to find a place to hide in. They put their guns away (to save ammo) and started to game plan.

Inside, Becky made her way deep into the store, out of breath, shoes damp, feet tired, and legs hurting. Mannequins, sporadically placed throughout the store, startled her, as she swatted a few of them thinking they were zombies. Their hollow heads flew off into the dark, bouncing and rolling across the cold tile floor . . .

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Movie Review: Serendipity

A couple reunite years after the night they first met, fell in love, and separated, convinced that one day they’d end up together.

via Serendipity (2001) – IMDb

Rating: 3.5/5

Why Roger Ebert gave this movie only a star and a half I will never know.  This film is the reason why I watch movies, why I write movies, and why I want to be a part of the cinema.  It is pure movie magic.  The kind of movie magic where you as an audience member can loose track of an hour and thirty minutes and live and breath each moment the character breathes. That is why I enjoyed this film.  I didn’t go all the way to four stars because I still felt a few things needed to be tweaked here and there, but overall this movie excelled.

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Movie Review: Sleepless in Seatte

A recently-widowed man’s son calls a radio talk show in an attempt to find his father a partner.

via Sleepless in Seattle (1993) – IMDb

Rating: 3.5/5

I don’t have a tremendous amount of stuff to prattle on about with this one.  This is a great movie from start to finish and everything they tried to accomplish with this one worked.  Just go ahead and put great right in front of story, directing, editing, music, setting, pace, acting, and ending, etc, etc.  I can see why this has become a classic and one so many people love.  I can find few faults with it and even though I knew where they were leading me. I still found myself getting emotional at the end.  This is just a nice way to spend an evening with your significant other.

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Midnight in Paris

* * * * STARS

Woody Allen has once again crafted a movie that captures the heart as well as the imagination.  You wouldn’t think that in all these years of making films that he would have enough left in the creative tank to still make great movies.  You would be wrong in thinking that.

This movie shows that Woody Allen still has it and that it never left.  You can argue that he has missed the mark a lot more than he has hit it with his recent movies,  say over the last ten to fifteen years.  I wouldn’t argue with you about that one, but Woody has been on the upswing as of late.  This is just another example of how much of an upswing he is currently on.

The movie takes place in Paris and if you know Woody Allen, you know this.  Woody could film a garbage dump and make it look like a painting.  Need I say more about the way he makes Paris look.  He paints the city in glorious colors and angles.  Capturing all of the magnificence Paris has to offer.  In fact, You will probably want to go to Paris after seeing this movie.  I can’t believe it wasn’t nominated for a cinematography award.

The movie is all about one man’s journey to find his place in the world and Woody fleshed this out to perfection.  You care for this character and you want to see him become the writer he wants to be.

I enjoyed the time travel aspect of it the most.  Seeing this young writer sit down with greats such as Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald circa the 1920’s in Paris was great.  It became (as the movie moved forward) a whose who of writers and artists living and breathing in the city of Paris in the 1920s.

A nice conflict arose out of this as well.  This writer – played by Owen Wilson – is engaged to be married, but it is obvious he isn’t really suited for her and she for him.  This writer has a chance in the twenties to meet a girl who is perfect for him, but she has a problem.  The roaring twenties aren’t a great place for her to be.  She wants to be in the Paris of the late nineteenth century.  It brings up an interesting question.  If we were to go to the decade we want to be in, would it be perfect for those currently living in it?  Something to think about.

This was a great movie and one I would advise anyone to see.  It worked as well as you could hope for it to work and proves how great a living legend Woody is and will be for years to come.


via Midnight in Paris (2011) – Trivia – IMDb.

Director Woody Allen attempted to shoot the film in Paris in 2006, but abandoned the project as it was too expensive.

Opening film at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival, the second of Woody Allen’s films to be given this honor following Hollywood Ending at the 2002 Festival.

This is the first Woody Allen film to go through a digital intermediate, instead of being color timed in the traditional photochemical way. According to Allen, its use here is a test to see if he likes it enough to use on his future films.

5 Star Rating Scale:

* STAR – worm food

* * STARS – barely breathing

* * * STARS – breathing, but needs help

* * * * STARS – can’t miss, would’ve paid full price

* * * * * STARS – someone call Ted Turner because this is an instant classic

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