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Haiku – Holiday Slip

Boats in the harbor

Decorated with warm lights

Filled with Christmas cheer


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Cover Song Saturday: Jimmy Buffett – Southern Cross

The Original

The Cover

Jimmy’s version is just better. It has more life and more energy, and it has long been one of my concert favorites. I don’t know how many times I’ve just gone bug nuts when he started to play this song. I knew this would be a lopsided one for me today, a biased one if you want to say it that way, but I had to post his cover of this song. It is just such a great cover.

So, which do you prefer?

The original or the cover.

Do you need even more cover songs? Check them out here NIUME and here Cover Song Saturday.

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Haiku – Unexpected

A small stranded boat

Dreams of sailing washed ashore

In a summer squall


Inspired by this post:


Always liked this song. Just peaceful.

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Haiku – By the Light of the Moon

A long midnight cruise

Sails up, filled out, billowing

Across the ocean


For more prompts like “cruise” go here: Haiku Horizons

This song came to mind when I saw this challenge.

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Haiku – Sailboat

Ocean going ship

Sails billowing, fat and full

Gliding on the blue


I woke up after the 3 a.m. feed this morning with a Jimmy Buffett song playing on my headphone (yes, I said head phone. I lost the ear bud cover to the other piece, so I lopped off that one and just kept the one. Helps when feeding the baby or listening out for her cries). Anyway, a Buffett song was on and it got me thinking about the beach. Then that got me thinking about this Haiku.

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Free for Friday: Evil Beach

A short story about two boys who discover a hidden beach and the evil deadly secrets that lie within its soft white grains of sand.


The old man sat on his wooden porch, rocking slowly back and forth in his rocking chair. He watched the waves of the ocean, crashing salty onto the shore. His two grandkids were sitting upon the wooden steps of the porch, waiting patiently for his first tale. He lit his pipe and then turned his eyes upon them. EBRyan and Alex smiled with child-like glee. They loved their granddad’s stories, and to them he was everything.

“Let me tell you kids a story,” he replied, with his old gruff voice, which sounded like sandpaper being rubbed softly across wood. He took a puff on his pipe as the smell of cherries permeated the warm autumn air. “This is a story about The Living Sand, a true tale about two boys, both about your age.”

Ryan and Alex let out a short gasp as they heard this.

The old man just smiled; his wrinkled face creasing as he did. “These two adventurous boys had found this cave, but were unaware of the hidden beach it opened up on.” He took a puff on the pipe, a pause, and then went back to the story. “The youngest boy, let’s call him Seth, and the oldest we will call him Junior. When these two found the cave, they began to dare one another to go in first, each one as scared as the other, but Junior, went first. He took the flashlight and stepped into the moss-covered entrance to the cave . . .”

A puff of the pipe, the smell of cherries wafted and floated, as the story began.



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Haiku – Buffett Dreaming

This Haiku was inspired by this post: Sherry Fundin.

Check out her site for awesome book reviews and occasional side bars.

She has been a big supporter of mine. Thanks Sherry for all you’ve done for me.

Here’s the Haiku:

A boat on the water

Sails full, filled with warm salt air

Sea breeze in my face


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Haiku – Red Sky Morning

Red skies start the day

Somewhere a sailor worries,

as the sails billow

A couple of my favorite songs involving the water and the world around it.  Yes, I’m a metal head, but I do enjoy mellow music as well.  John Denver goes all the way back to my childhood – listening to it with my dad.  R.I.P. John Denver, gone, but not forgotten.

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