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Emily has been a big supporter of mine, and a great blogging friend. When she asked me to help promote her new book I didn’t even think twice about it. I wanted to go ahead and give you all the information I had in order to help support her new book launch. Below you will find all you need to know about this kind and caring author. Thanks Emily for all you’ve done for me.




The Fourth Novel in The Light-Bearer Series


Seditious is the perfect title for the 4th book in The Light-Bearer Series. This book captures jealously, deceit, and restoration of love flawlessly.

Life at the Castle Charmeine is blissful until reality of the ruling the Elder Council of the Blood-Hunters causes dissent.  An unexpected depth to both Tabbruis and Dmitri’s personalities humanizes both men.

This novel shows a side to Tabbruis and Charmeine’s relationship which will throw any reader of The Light-Bearer Series off kilter. Seditious is the continuation of their romantic and turbulent love story and mission on Earth to battle Lucifer’s minions!

Lord Cromwell is a lethal Blood-Hunter who has escaped the Elder Council Prison. He sends his beautiful agent to cause destruction to those who live at the Castle Charmeine.

Bathsheba is a deadly, sexy, and vicious siren who threatens Charmeine and Baby Hunter. Not just with her present actions, but, with the past she shares with Tabbruis and Dmitri. However, the family works together to unravel Bathsheba’s deadly secrets.

Just when you think they are in the clear, a more heinous and ominous villain waits in the wings to tear apart our ill-fated lovers, Charmeine and Tabbruis.

Seditious is a heart wrenching and exciting story of passion, betrayal, and redemption you will not want to miss!

Author Emily Guido Bio

Emily Guido is Paranormal Romance Author. She was inspired to start writing The Light-Bearer Series because one day she got an idea of two star-crossed lovers which needed to have their story told.

The Light-Bearer Series is Young Adult, Paranormal Romance, with Vampires, Angels, Action and Adventure.

The novels Charmeine, Mactus, Accendo, Seditious, Ransom and Conundrum are the continuation of the wonderful adventures of the inhabitants of The Castle Charmeine!

Emily is currently works for a Fortune 500 Company and has a Master of Business Administration.

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CHARMEINE the First Novel in The Light-Bearer Series on Amazon

MACTUS the Second Novel in The Light-Bearer Series on Amazon

ACCENDO the Third Novel in The Light-Bearer Series on Amazon

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RANSOM the Fifth Novel in The Light-Bearer Series

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SEDITIOUS is out for full price on December 20, 2014 


Free to Read December 15th and 16th – Evil Beach: The Sand is Alive!

A short story about two boys who discover a hidden beach and the evil deadly secrets that lie within its soft white grains of sand.
A short story about two boys who discover a hidden beach and the evil deadly secrets that lie within its soft white grains of sand.


When they reached the cave, they stopped.

Junior turned on his dad’s flashlight, which pushed out a light that was almost worthy of spotlight status. This light was somewhat soothing to the boys even though their heart rate didn’t agree. They were now beyond timid. They had now moved on to full-blown scared, but they weren’t about to turn around now.

They made their way into the cave with caution and ease, as the darkness wrapped around their small little bodies. It was a suffocating darkness, and Seth could swear he couldn’t breathe once they were inside. He wondered if Junior was feeling the same effect.

Seth looked behind him, and it was disheartening to see the full moon light was now gone none of its beams could penetrate this darkness.

They moved on, deeper into the cave, Junior’s beam of light doing its best to cut through the black. Seth thought it looked like it was struggling to do its job, but it gave them enough light to see by.

In every corner there stood a ghost or goblin, or some fiend ready to snuff out their young life, vague objects picked up by the struggling light. The coolness of the cave helped to add to this and so did the wind. Its voice inside the cave (stronger than the last time they were here) was one of a ghost like howl.

Somehow they found the entrance that led to the abandoned beach, found it or were guided to it – something to ponder upon.

“Are you sure about this?” Seth didn’t care if he was called a baby or not. He was on shaky knees, and he wasn’t afraid to admit it.

Junior surprised him with this answer. “We can turn back now if you want.”

Seth thought about it for a moment. “We’ve come this far. Why turn back now?”

The boys gave one more pause, and then they stepped through the hole and onto the abandoned beach . . .

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Chasing Nonconformity Cover Reveal

Michelle needed a little help promoting her latest novel. She has been nothing but awesome and kind to me so I thought I would help her out a bit. Read on for more.



Still reeling from accidentally marrying an exiled alien prince named Varrin, and from almost getting her head blown off by a six-armed lizard man with anger management issues, seventeen-year-old Eris Miller is ready for a vacation. But Varrin is desperate to rescue his beloved spaceship, the Nonconformity, from the clutches of the galactic government, so her vacation will just have to wait.

While Eris and Varrin chase after the stolen ship, they’re unaware that trouble is brewing on the other side of the galaxy. The villainous Emperor of Rakor has assembled a task force, led by the commander of the deadly Skin Slicers, to hunt Varrin down. With enemies closing in and the Nonconformity slipping further and further from their grasp, Eris must ask herself: how much is she willing to sacrifice to ensure her happily ever after?

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